Kara at 3. Her mom
thought this was a good
idea. Clearly she
was wrong.
Kara DeFrias, M.Ed., DTM

Looking for an engaging, dynamic speaker who blends humor and professionalism into a wide range of topics? In addition to being a long-time member of Toastmasters, Kara's background includes 15 years of designing and facilitating training. From one-on-one instructor led training sessions to giving presentations and speeches in front of 4,500 people, she possesses a wide variety of speaking experience. Topics relevant to this blog include:
  • Beating cancer -- three times
  • Oncofertility
  • Fertility preservation
  • The surrogate journey
  • How to keep a sense of humor through tough times
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Speaking Engagements and Clients Include
  • Leading the Product (Melbourne and Sydney, Australia)
  • TEDx Organizer Workshop at TEDActive 2013
  • My TEDx talk: TEDxYouth@BommerCanyon
  • San Diego Science Alliance BE WiSE Summer Academy
  • University of California, San Diego Medical School
  • Southeastern Journalism Conference (University of Tennessee, Martin)
  • Social Media Camp: San Diego
  • San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders (NFL Charger Girls) media training
  • Toastmasters Leadership Institute
  • Art of Woo workshop (Melbourne, Australia)
  • eLearning Guild Conference
  • Training 2006 Conference
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • San Diego State University
  • California Interscholastic Federation: High School Girls Sports Conference

Most-Requested Speeches and Training
  • The Art of Woo: Social Networking and Your Career
    Find out how sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can help -- or hurt -- your career. Topics covered include social media etiquette, how to used LinkedIn, and balancing real life networking with online. This social media workshop is perfect for beginners, recent grads, job seekers, and those in between jobs.
  • Empower Your Point
    Do you use computer-based slide shows for presentations? Learn the secrets to creating eye-catching, attention-grabbing PowerPoint designs in this fun, engaging course. You will go beyond the basics and into the realm of professional looking presentations. Topics include layout, color choice, and composition while dispelling myths such as the 5x5 rule.
  • Build Your Public Speaking Confidence
    Take a look behind the curtain and get practical tips for how to apply theatre techniques used by actors in your public speaking -- such as how to breathe, stand, project, and own the stage.
  • Design Thinking and User Experience (UX)
    How to take a holistic look at the end-to-end experience, whether it be online or in a real life engagement, and apply design thinking in a way that ends up delighting folks.
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