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In our case, it takes a village to raise make a baby. A fairly moderately mid-size one at that. But even moderately mid-size villages respect privacy, especially when it comes to sensitive medical stuff. So in order to protect the innocent from the litigious, I decided when I started this blog to change everyone's names.

Here's a glossary of places we frequent and folks you'll come across while reading our journey.

Main Cast

IT Geek: My ex-husband, former partner in crime, and the boy side of our frozen embryos.

Nurse Mom: My mom and the lady who gave me my cracker jack sense of humor. Ours isn't that sappy crappy, "Oh, my mom's my best frieeeeend." Nope, this is the smartest, coolest person I know, and I'm lucky because she just happens to be my mom.

Easy Bake Oven: Our surrogate, the future woman who will was scheduled to carry our kidscicles.

Will: My best friend (BFF) of 14 years. He's the Will to my Grace. We both love Glee, showtunes, and driving around in the car singing at the top of our lungs (usually together).

BigHMO: My healthcare provider. They're big. And an HMO. And they don't cover fertility preservation. (And I've got the bills to show for it.)

Dr. Nice Lady: My OB-GYN. A sweet, sweet woman who's been here through my PCOS, attempts at Baby DeFrias, and cancer. She's no-nonsense but kind and caring.

Dr. Hope: My reproductive endocrinologist who had me at, "This is just crap. You make a little too much, but not enough to cover it yourself. It's shitty -- sorry for the language, but it's just shitty. You deserve to be a mom. I'm going to figure this out for you." And she did.

Dr. Igloo Cooler: You know that Far Side comic where the farmer's walking out the henhouse with a basket of eggs and the chicken's walking of the farmer's house with a baby in the basket? IT Geek saw this cool doc from LRU-W walking out of the elevator with my ovaries in a red Igloo cooler after my hysterectomy. And that's some funny shit right there.

Local Research University - West: The facility where we started the IVF process. They were wonderful in cutting me discounts wherever they could. I donated one of my ovaries to their research labs and continue to have a good relationship with them, and in the future will be speaking to medical students there about the patient's perspective on oncofertility and fertility preservation.

Local Research University - East: The facility where we'd planned on finishing the IVF process. Until she fell through.

More to come...

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