signing off, but sticking around

I had cancer. It didn't have me. (Well, they haven't
found one that'll kill me yet.) Source.
As you may have noticed, postings have been more sparse than my barren uterus around here. That's because, while 2012 has been a huge year of changes for me (including a wonderfully fantastic opportunity to serve my country as a member of the first class of White House Presidential Innovation Fellows), there's no news on the baby front.

While kids are in my future, for now those 6 kidscicles are chilling on ice. I'm not closing the site down, because it still fulfills the original intent: to tell a story, so that others going through cancer, IVF, and surrogacy may stumble upon here and don't feel so alone, and to encourage women to feel like it's okay to talk about their struggles on the road to having kids.

Thanks to everyone who's commented, emailed, and shown support over the years. It's been very rewarding to hear from folks who feel like they can talk about their fertility struggles now. And it's not just women — one dad sent me a note saying he was inspired to start a support group for dads whose wives had miscarried.

Kicked cancer's ass 3 times and still
smiling. Take THAT, cancer!
Why I did this blog, and what I've experienced

Why we need to talk about infertility
More of my friends - and their friends - have not been able to conceive easily. The weird part is, I never knew about this until I shared my issues with PCOS with them. Why don't we, as women, talk about these things more? Is it because of shame? A stigma that we aren't supposed to talk about it? Well EFF that!

Rainy with a chance of baby
While I've been tackling the cancer and IVF procedure with humor and a positive attitude, in the past 8 weeks there have been a few occasions when the general suckiness of it all sets in for a moment. Today was one of those days.

Cancer 3 times and hysterectomy at 34? On gratitude
My original life to-do list: go to college, find a job, move out of New Jersey, get married, have kids. Oh, and travel. Lots. As you can see, a hysterectomy at 34 years old definitely wasn't included. And "get cancer - three times" didn't make the cut either, but apparently I'm extra blessed in that department.

Giving a TEDx talk on IVF and the struggles of conceiving
Given at TEDxCoMo 2013, I pretty much summed up the whole of this blog, and the message it's trying to convey, in 14 minutes.

Keep on keeping on

For those of you struggling out there, still trying, or exploring other options: May the odds be ever in your favor. (YES! Cheesy teen novel and surprisingly good movie adaptation FTW!)

Much love,
Kara xoxo

ps: Here's a pep talk, in case you need one, by the wonderfully awesome Kid President.


Tursipops said…
Sending you virtual hugs. You did a good thing with this blog.

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