new eff cancer tees available (a g-rated version, too!)

They're back! After a long hiatus and issues with Cafe Press (still never got my commission...but whatever...), you can now buy your "F*ck cancer" shirts once again.

I received feedback from friends who are mommies who wanted to support the cause but apparently can't run around wearing the word "f*ck" across their breasts all day.

So I thought about it and came up with the "Fuzzy caterpillar" concept. (My scar from the most recent cancer looked like a fuzzy caterpillar, and the first two letters of each word, f and c, correspond nicely with "F*ck cancer.")

So you're supporting the cause and spreading the word - when someone asks, "What's fuzzy caterpillar mean?" you can tell them!

The (albeit minimal) proceeds from the sale of the shirts will be split between charity and the medical bills I racked up during IVF and uterine cancer.

Thanks for the support and spreading the word!

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