June 23, 2011

CafePress Steals Money From Cancer Patient

Caught your attention? Good. Did CafePress literally steal money from me? Perhaps not. But the story shows how they didn't give me the money they owed me, either.

Back in December 2010, I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in the same year (yes, 2010 was just all kinds of wonderful). At the time, my attitude toward was understandably "F*ck Cancer." I decided to make a t-shirt on CafePress.com, and planned to split the (albiet minimal) proceeds between my medical bills and a charity.

Unfortunately, I've never seen a penny of the profits. Due to the poor user experience (UX), I managed to create a t-shirt (yay!), but since I didn't create it where their back end web widgets wanted me to, I don't get commission on any of the sales (boo!).

June 12, 2011

guess who's attending the final space shuttle launch?

Why, that would be me! I found out Friday I was selected by NASA as 1 of 150 people (out of over 5,500 applicants) invited to the final shuttle launch before they retire the program entirely after 30 years in operation.

This'll be where we'll be, hanging out with the press, 3.1 miles from the launchpad.

Photo credit: Nathan Bergey.

I wrote up the full story at CaliforniaKara.com. Crazy!

June 4, 2011

support #620project - my birthday project to raise money for team rubicon

Want to help combat vets help our
country and the world? Donate now.
It's Birthday Month!

Every year I look forward to my birthday. This year, in lieu of cards or presents, I'd love it if you would consider donating to my 620 Project.

My wish is to raise $620 by my birthday, June 20th, for Team Rubicon.

From his combat experiences as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan, TR founder Jake Wood discovered that he and other vets have developed the perfect skills for service in crisis situations outside of war. Team Rubicon bridges the critical time gap between large humanitarian disasters and conventional aid response.

Read more about it over at CaliforniaKara.com.