so a hysterectomy patient walks out of an elevator...

Some pretty geese (unlike those awful poop-all-over-the-place
Canadian geese). Photo: Wisconsin Week for the Animals.
May Rachel Berry strike me dead, but some things even Glee seemingly can't fix.

Earlier today I headed down to BigHMO to pick up a note from my oncogynecologist. I'd requested one that states my hysterectomy was medically necessary due to cancer as I plan on petitioning BigHMO to cover my fertility preservation treatments (they currently only cover artificial insemination, but do review IVF requests on a case by case basis - fingers crossed!).

Since I hadn't seen the nurses in awhile (they always greet me with a smile and a hug - yay!) I was looking forward to saying hello to them. As I slowly glided up a 2,000 year old elevator to the 4th floor with my earbuds in place, my head bopped along in tune to the Glee cover of Cee Lo's danceable ditty "F#ck You" (which, of course, being Glee, they used the PC-version "Forget You." Still a happy, yet appropriate song as I was in a cancer kicking state of mind).

Imagine my surprise, upon stepping out of the elevator, to walk smack dab into a gaggle of 10 very pregnant women and their spouses. I attempted to wade through them, to no avail, because it appeared I was in the wrong place: no gynecological oncologist, no waiting area, and the reception windows were rolled down for the night. Perplexed as what to do, I could only stare at all these peppy, own-baby-carrying women.

Sure my thai iced tea didn't
look this pretty, but that's
cool. Photo: CA Donuts.
Through a sea of baby ovens and slowly filling eyes, I saw a sign: "We've moved to the 2nd floor." Finally, the kind soul of a tour guide saw me looking confused and asked if she could help. I mumbled through tears, "Need...looking for... oncoOBGYNdocgyno... have...need.... note."

She told me they'd recently moved to the 2nd floor, and that she'd happily take me there except for the fact that she was giving a maternity ward tour to "all these excited new mothers-to-be."

I raced back into the elevator, got the note, and sat in my car for 20 minutes sobbing. Then did the obvious next logical step that anyone in my situation would do: went across the street to my favorite quick-service Thai place and gorged on tom kha soup, pad see ew, and 20 ounces of sugary Thai iced tea goodness.

What? Don't hate.

Now, excuse me while I go watch tonight's new episode of Glee to laugh a little -- it's Gwyneth Paltrow as a sex ed teacher, bee-yotch!


Babydreams2011 said…
Nice of your Dr.'s office to send a letter out! A$$hats! Sorry you had to be caught up in the middle of that, took me a while to be able to even hear someone was pg.. Keeping you in my prayers.. xoxoxo! Tonya
Gretchen said…
SO sorry that all happened. I had a similar experience during my miscarriage, subsequent ER visit with waddling mothers to be and the ultrasound tech (which I had to see), asked me how far along I was an everything. all kinds of awesomeness.
wish I could have been there with you to break into song or carry you off or pretend to be in labor or something lol.
You guys are on my heart and mind daily.
Sara said…
Your dr's office really should've let you know they'd moved. So sorry that you ended up in that painful situation. A good friend of mine had an ectopic pg, started to miscarry, and had to go to the ER. The hospital put her on the freaking maternity ward overnight because "that's where the OBGYNs are." How thoughtless people can be.
Gingerbreadmama said…
Oh Kara, I'm so sorry. Call me whenever you need a friend, I've got your back!
Kara DeFrias said…
Thanks everyone! Oh, to just burst out in song. That would've been so fab. :)

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