rei and the glass half full mentality

I headed over to REI to pick up some supplies for our upcoming Australia/New Zealand trip. It just so happened I also needed a t-shirt to wear to the SDBloggers meetup because I knew I'd be burning up in my sweater.

I mulled around the store, in a cool-stuff overload daze, and saw maybe two shirts that were kind of okay. Bored, I picked a plain green tee that looked good with my red hair. On my way to the register, though, I saw the Life is Good display and found this baby:

Who's the geek excited about her new Half Full t-shirt?
Oh yeah, it's me. Photo credit: Roman Castro.
It's a rather plain shirt, with a glass on it that says, simply: half full. How perfect for my frame of mind in life! Could my sitch be half empty? Sure, but why? Life's much better when viewed with the half-full vision. I was so excited, I wore it to work the next day, too. That led to this conversation between me and a coworker:

"Some would say the glass is half full, others half empty; 
either way we're running out of vodka." 
- Kara & Tedder Tot

Want your own Glass Half Full shirt? Here you go:


Lauren H. said…
I bought this t-shirt from Shirt Woot. It's my favorite optimism shirt. :)
T. said…
"Some would say the glass is half full, others half empty;
either way we're running out of vodka."

Kara DeFrias said…
@Lauren - Very funny!

@T - I try. But I'm not sure vodka and tea would go well together. :P

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