surgery date set for cancer #3

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Much like Santa, I'm making a list and checking it twice:

Who: Me
What: The exorcism of the stupid malignant melanoma
When: Thursday, December 23 at 1:30 p.m.
Where: BigHMO
Why: Why? Because cancer's stupid.

What success looks like: We cut. We cure. We move on.

Thanks to everyone for your positive vibes and well wishes.

I'm serious when I say this whole thing is comical. Twice in one year, and three times since 1999? It's funny, funny stuff. I take pride in knowing that I'm such a good planner -- I'm bringing 2010 full circle by starting it and ending it with cancer.

At least this time I'm getting it out of the way before tax season starts (I work for a Big Tax Software Company), unlike last time when I got cancer in the middle of tax season. Which prompted Nurse Mom to quip, "You have April 16th to December 1st to get sick and pull this shit now?!" I heart her.

Dear Cancer Claus,
All I want for Christmas is Vicodin. Or Percocet. I'm not picky.

ps - And I want a pony to carry me up and down our two flights of stairs, since my malignant melanoma's on my foot this time so walking's going to suck monkey butt.


Unknown said…
You are seriously funny. And awesome. How cool would it be if the winged monkeys from the Wiz of Oz could fly you up and down the stairs? Or you had a wind tunnel... Seriously, go check this out - we would never need stairs again!!

Natalie said…
I adore you. And I'll be praying for you and wishing Santa could give you really cool wings so you can fly through cancer and fly as your foot heals.
Kara DeFrias said…
@MV - Did you know Wicked is in my top 2 fav musicals ever? Love your reference! :)

@Natalie - Thank you...right back atcha. :)

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