show time! cut this muthaluvin cancer out

Dr. Notaresident cuts whilst I play Angry Birds on my iPhone. Photo: Kara DeFrias.
Went into work this morning, and at 11:50 a.m. got a text message from IT Geek:

"Your cancer cab is downstairs, aww junk 8D."

My driver had arrived. God, I love him. I ask for bad jokes and inappropriate humor, and does everyone deliver or what? He picked me up, and we drove straight down to the Place Which Cuts Out Cancer.

Surgery was at 1:30 p.m., and check-in was at 1:15 p.m. (yes, you read that right). We drive up to the building, and were immediately thrown off -- it wasn't one of those old, crotchety BigHMO buildings that you have to stand 10 feet away from to get a cell signal. Lo and behold, in this stone and chrome beauty I got a signal in the minor surgery room!

Of course I began playing Words with Friends...which led the nurse to ask if I was going to put my iPhone away - and Dr. Notaresident (backstory: when I called to sked my surgery, they said I had a choice of 3 times/locations. I asked for names, and were told two of them were residents. teaching hospitals -- one of my major surgeries was at one -- but I want a full-fledged, actual doc for this.) immediately began talking Angry Birds with me.

So, after sending a quick tweet and Facebook update, I snapped a pic of her marking where she was going to cut and began playing Angry Birds Seasons. 20 minutes and 35 dead egg-stealing pigs later, it was over. Then I taught my nurse how to play.

Now, as I lay here with ice on my elevated foot, I'm happy to report Dr. Notaresident feels confident in the outcome. Full report expected in the next couple weeks confirming they got it all!


Unknown said…
Dude, you ROCK! Who else would (could?) play a frickin game while having surgery to remove a foot cancer? Uh, nobody, that's who.

I cannot even remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I am so happy I did. I have been hanging out for an update, so thank you. Xmas officially starts here in 13 minutes - you have made my day. Can't wait for more updates.

And happy xmas to you and your family. You are seriously awesome and hilarious and fabulous.

Sarah xxx
Babydreams2011 said…
YAY!! Super happy they got it all and how cool is it that you taught the Dr. how to play angry birds?! You do kinda rock in case ya didn't know Kara.. Keeping you in my prayers that it has all been removed and this was your LAST battle with Mr. C (bastard that he is!)
Kara DeFrias said…
@MV - I thought it might be tacky, but once the doc and I started clucking about it I figured, "If she's cool with it, then I might as well play. It's better than inhaling the smell of burning, cauterized flesh and the tugging on my foot."

@BD - Thanks so much. Let's hope third time's the charm with that ol' raggedy C-bastard. :)

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