buy your "eff cancer" t-shirt today

When I announced yesterday that I have cancer, yet again (third time's a charm!), one of my friends said, "Where are we on some "F**k Cancer" tees?" Followed by another friend who said, "(He) is on to something...get to Cafe Press and create some F$&@ Cancer tees, then use the proceeds for a surrogate. Make some good come out of this."

A tee shirt, huh? Okay! I played around with some designs on paper (and have always been a sucker for ringer tees) so here's where I netted out. I really like the simplicity of the sentiment. I added my website as a way to spread the word:

Buy yours today (<- using my mad marketing skillz with a compelling call to action):

I originally was going to have all the proceeds will go toward our fertility preservation, IVF and surrogate costs, as my friend suggested, but after thinking about it I'm also going to give a percentage to charity.

If you like the tee, feel free to share the link with your friends!


Gingerbreadmama said…
You rule. buying one now...
Anonymous said…
If I wasn't totally broke, what with the hubs being unemployed...STILL...I'd totally buy one. As it is, there is not Christmas at this house this year. I'm with you in spirit. Kick it's ass! And...I concur on the mole thing. Been there...done that.
Kara DeFrias said…
@GBM - Woo hoo! Send a pic of you wearing it. :) (Possibly having an issue with Cafe going to ask folks who bought it to send pics for a post I'd like to do.)

@Anonymous - Sorry to hear about your Christmas this year, but happy to see you stop by! (Feels weird saying that to an "anonymous" but saying it just the same!)

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