our first meeting with our surrogate

Fitting that I met our surrogate for the first time in person so close to Labor Day weekend, since I've lovingly been spared the agony of having to go through labor. (Bonus!) IT Geek and I visited his parents in New Hampshah for 5 days, and I tacked on an extra two days to come down to New Jersey to meet our Easy Bake Oven.

She and I have talked a few times over the phone, and I really liked her, but my stomach was still full of butterflies at the thought of meeting her in person. Like she might be too good to be true, and she just might disintegrate into thin air if I tried to hug her. Yes, I was in a rational state of mind going into yesterday's lunch/meeting.

Imagine my surprise when she turned out to be real. And nice. And cool. And real. (Again, I wouldn't describe this surreal cancer-IVF-surrogate process as sane.) She didn't go *poof* and disappear, or grow wings and fly off like Tinkerbell. We had a great lunch. I met her son, who's cute as a button, and our mom nurses clucked away as well (Nurse Mom and Easy Bake's mom have been coworkers and friends for years; that's how we connected).

Tomorrow it's off to Local Research University - East to meet with those docs and discuss the second part of The Surrogate Game: getting our embryos into Easy Bake Oven.


Coasting Anon said…
I am so excited and nervous and joyful and expentant and thrilled for you every time I read an update on your journey! Thank you for sharing this process with us. We will continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and emotional state for all involved.
Kara DeFrias said…
Thanks! Those are pretty much our feelings, too. :)

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