how the surrogate implantation process works

We got a lot of questions answered when I met with the doctor at Local Research University - East a few weeks ago. She was really nice, and gave us a lot of good information about what to expect from a medical perspective.

Now that we've selected our fertility doctor, met the surrogate, and got the embryos packed up and ready to go, here are the next steps:
  1. Easy Bake Oven calls LRU-E to set up her medical and psychological evaluations.
  2. She passes, then IT Geek and I take our psych evals (I'll be sure to not refer to our surrogate as "Easy Bake Oven" in front of the psychologist).
  3. EBO begins taking the medication to get her body ready to accept our embryos.
  4. Yes, I said plural embryos - surprise! We're putting two potential babies in the oven. Well, the doctor will put them in there.
  5. We wait to see if it "takes."
  6. If Step 5 is positive: yay! Go to Step 6. If Step 5 is negative, return to Step 3.
  7. LRU-E monitors everything for 8-10 weeks.
  8. LRU-E releases EBO to her own doctor.
  9. Babies born. :)
Rather than update you on each step as it happens, please understand that I may wait awhile to post an update simply because a) this is a bit mentally, emotionally, and physically draining, and b) it may take awhile. But trust me, when it happens, I'll be shouting about it from the top of Cowles Mountain! (And Mt. Facebook, and Twitter Peak.)


Kirsten Deeds said…
Good luck!! I hope everything moves quickly and smoothly!! And sending happy fertility thoughts to your EBO!

As a side note, how do they go about picking an EBO?
Kara DeFrias said…
Hi Kirsten - We picked our surrogate ourselves. To be more accurate: she heard about our story and volunteered. :) There are many agencies, however, that specialize in helping connect surrogates with intended parents, or IPs (<- that the industry lingo for IT Geek and I).
T. said…
TWO potential babies?!?! I hope your EBO is a sturdy lass in case they both take.

and I love this

"oprah: if you'd like to help us, feel free to use our PayPal link to
Kara DeFrias said…
T - Think of that. Two little me's. Scary! Also, I was inspired by your "from your lips to Oprah's ears" comment. Who knows when one of her PAs/interns might be surfing the site!
Gingerbreadmama said…
finally catching up on your blog...and i am sending fertile happy healthy thoughts your way and i hope both babies 'take'. you are on the right track, finding both a doctor and a surrogate you like! i can/t wait to hear all about it! xo

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