100 item challenge and defraying surrogate costs

I read a TIME article about a guy named Dave Bruno who embarked on a year-long challenge to live with only 100 things. Not 101, not 99, but 100. The purpose, according to his site, is:

"The 100 Thing Challenge is a worldwide grass-roots movement in which people are limiting their material possessions in order to free up physical and mental and spiritual space. People who were once "stuck in stuff" are empowered to live joyful and thoughtful lives."

While I like the idea in theory, I'm not sure I can put it into practice. But the piece made me think about what I could do without around our house. Things like the lamps in our bedroom, which were perfect for our large house in Bucks County, Penn., but are too big for our little townhouse. So I put them on Craigslist, and they sold within 12 hours of putting them up.

Then I thought, wait a minute...we need money to pay for a lot of the costs from IVF and the surrogate process. We've already got a couple of links in the right rail of this site (to a great cookbook and Restaurant.com) to help defray costs. I began looking around our house, and soon there were 4 neat piles of stuff: trash, Craigslist, eBay, and donations. (John drew the line at me selling my wedding ring set.)

So if you want to take a look at some Classic Pooh (as in Winnie the Pooh) figurines and statues, as well as some other stuff. I'll soon be putting up stuff from ComicCon, but here's what's up there for now (my full listings are here):

I'm thinking of it as a virtual bake sale!

Oh, if you're interested in the 100 Thing Challenge, you can pre-order it at Amazon.


Emily said…
We sold a bunch of things on Amazon Marketplace and eBay as we cleaned out the nursery room to get it ready for the baby. It's nice to clean house and build up a little emergency fund at the same time. Good luck!
Babydreams2011 said…
I've been doing the same thing to help with our surrogacy costs and I'm at about $1400 in a little over 60 days! Keep it up, it definitely helps and Good luck!!
Kara DeFrias said…
Thanks, gals! We generally clean out our closets twice a year for Goodwill, so we don't have much unnecessary stuff laying around. This has been a really "deep clean" of the stuff we do have. Trinket that I've never used? Buh-bye. Drawer full of 3 sets of placemats when I only need one? See ya later.

It's been quite rewarding seeing some of the stuff leave the house, and precious cabinet space open up!

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