casa defrias featured on the oncofertility consortium

The folks over at The Oncofertility Consortium® at Northwestern University featured on their site - how cool! It's a short story on our journey of trying to have kids, which was kindly detoured by cancer. Apparently, in industry lingo, I'm known as a "fertility preservation patient." Now that's sexy.

The Consortium is "a national, interdisciplinary initiative designed to explore the reproductive future of cancer survivors. It is supported by the National Institutes of Health through the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research/Common Fund. Dr. Woodruff coined the term oncofertility to describe a new discipline that bridges oncology and reproductive medicine in order to discover and apply new fertility preservation options for young patients with fertility-threatening diseases or treatments." (source)

Fertility-threatening diseases? Well butter my buns and call me a biscuit, that sure is a Michael Bay-ish way of putting it. But it's true.

In other humbling-yet-exciting news, I've also asked to speak to 2nd and 3rd year med students at UCSD about my story, and a request do a video, as well! One of the reasons I started this site was to get folks talking about things that have, historically, been seen as hush hush or unmentionable. I'm looking forward to more opportunities to tell my story and empower folks to share theirs, as well.


Unknown said…
Saw a link to your blog on Facebook from Amy Demma of Propective Families (Mass.). Thank you not only for providing inspiration to others who may be facing what you had to face, but for also participating in this important program. Good luck with your family building journey! I will be posting a link on my Facebook page as well. (Too many typos on my first comment!) EJR, MD
Kara DeFrias said…
Thanks, Dr. Ramirez! That's very kind of you.

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