celine dion talks openly about struggles with ivf

According to omgYahoo! Celine Dion is expecting twins. Normally, this would be ho-hum news and I'd breeze right past anything to do with her, since really, who hasn't had a major Las Vegas casino build a monument to their hubris?

In this case, I need to give Dion, 42, props.

Trust me, I'm as shocked by that revelation as you are. In this article, Celine cops to undergoing in-vitro fertilization treatments (IVF). I can't tell you how many celebrities of, ahem, advanced age become pregnant and say, "Oh, it was natural" or "Oh, we weren't even trying" or "Oh, we got multiples by chance."

Bullshit. By pretending you got no help in the matter, you're in turn not helping the thousands of women who face these difficult situations every day. (Yes, J-Lo and Julia, I'm talking to you.) Because if you talk about it, it becomes easy -- and okay -- for others to talk about it. (I've long said that we, as women, need to talk to each other more about these exact issues.)

I did a little digging, and it seems Dion has been quite open about her struggles, revealing in the article that "she underwent six in-vitro fertilization treatments, staying in New York City for a month and also getting acupuncture, before getting pregnant with twins. Rene-Charles was also conceived by in vitro after six years of trying. Last year, Dion revealed to Oprah Winfrey that she had suffered a miscarriage after another IVF attempt."

While it's obviously disheartening and I'm sad for her loss and struggles, I'm grateful and think it's very cool that she's been so open about it all.

Even her husband chimed in: "We're living the reality of the majority of couples who face these procreation techniques."

It's a reality, indeed, but one that becomes more common each day. And the more we're open about the topic, the less shame that shrouds it.


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