cleared for exercise (and sex) after hysterectomy

Met with the doctor's new resident today for my post-op appointment. I can't believe it's been a month since the hysterectomy already. Going back to work was a bit tiring, but went much easier than I thought. Since they did the surgery without having to slice me open, I only have two tiny scars - one on each side of my belly button about two inches away from it.

The biggest issue, honestly, has been putting pressure on my waist (which is exactly where the waist band for all my jeans, skirts, etc. falls). Even underwear falls right. On. The scars. You know, the elastic that holds them in place. Yeah, it falls right on 'em. Hell, it hurts. Hey underwear designers: work on that!

The visit itself was overwhelming. I know the doc had to place her hand inside to check the sutures, but that part scared the bejesus out of me. What if she poked too far? What if it hurt? What if, what if, what if? I asked for a nurse to come in, and she happily held my hand as I cried through the procedure. The good news is, it all looks good!

I asked when I could begin exercising, and she cleared me. Of course, we talked about paying attention to what my body is telling me and not to push it too far. Even in the past month, I've noticed that going up steps is too much, so I take it easy. Also, opening doors tweaks my core muscles, so I'm taking advantage of the chivalry of my coworkers and letting them open doors for me.

Warning: Blunt talk of lady bits and boy toy parts ahead.

The last thing we discussed was sex. Originally, we'd been told to "not stick anything in or near the sutures for 8 weeks." The sutures are at the top of my vajayjay, and I've got to admit, I was pretty scared about that first time post-op anyway. I'm glad I asked the resident about it today, because it turns out that with my type of surgery (total hysterectomy: removal of cervix and whole uterus; also the ovaries) they actually recommend 12 weeks of abstinence.

12 weeks. No hankily pankily pooh.

Turns out that women who had sex after 8 weeks ended up rupturing their sutures (eww!), so the docs are now recommending women wait until 3 months post-op to do the big nasty. Considering everything, IT Geek took the news quite well when I told him tonight.

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