answering the "so when are you going to have kids?" question

It feels like IT Geek and I are newlyweds again.

Now that we're past the cancer and hysterectomy, everyone's asking, "So when are you going to have kids?"

BC (before uterus-taking cancer), it was the standard, "Oh, we're trying." It does seem like such a personal question to ask a woman - I mean, what about the women who don't want to have kids?

To be honest, I spent the better part of three months (Feb. 1-April 14) planning shit stuff, setting stuff up, reacting to stuff, injecting myself with stuff, planning for stuff, and figuring stuff out. I'm quite enjoying this down time right now, basking in the glow of being cancer-free.

I'm particularly loving, as one of my college buds so succinctly pointed out, "Having some time when you aren't scheduling something or counting down to something...(that's) a good break."

So for folks who are asking when we're going to start the surrogate process, I say, "Soon." As in, after we get from our Hawaii vacation in June.

That's when we'll lawyer up and continue the journey to Baby DeFrias.

(Or, if it works out, "Babies DeFrias." Yes, we're hoping for twins.)


Gretchen said…
ENJOY the downtime, and I'll be watching this space for baby related news AS YOU'RE READY! ;)
Serenityville said…
Finally coming to say hi after reading your comments for almost a year on Teawithlemon. And you know what inspired me? What the eff is FTW??

I love this post! I think it probably sums up your entire life right now - how amazing.
Gingerbreadmama said…
Enjoy your vacation. I understand you need a break and have truly earned a relaxing vacation and time with each other, but I won't lie, I am so excited for you to start the babymaking process and I hope you have mulitples! xoxo!

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