two weeks and one less uterus later

Two weeks to the day of my hysterectomy, and one less uterus later, I'm back at work.

My coworkers decorated my office and wrote "Welcome back" in huge letters on my office window. While I'm in no way ungrateful to Nurse Mom for coming out for two weeks to help me heal, I'll be frank: it was so nice to talk to people other than my dogs and my mom today.

Recovery went very well. As it was outpatient surgery (not a typo), I walked up a flight of stairs when I got home that day (one of my mom's goals for the first few days).

I was off Percocet within 2 days, and stuck to Tylenol for a few days after that. By the third day we went on a little field trip.

I'm not a homebody by nature. Unless I'm on vacation, I like to be doing stuff. So each day we did a little more. I napped when I felt like it, and caught up on 27 hours of Olympic coverage that I taped back in February, knowing I'd need something to watch during recovery. (Sorry, Heroes, you were on my list, too, but you didn't make the viewing cut. I'm just not into you like that this season.)

The culmination of my recovery was a set visit to Glee's season finale (yes, it rocked).

I'm most surprised by how quickly my body bounced back from the surgery. While I'm not quite ready to go back to the chiropractor (all the pushing down and whatnot), I did go to the acupuncturist on Friday, and that was all kinds of fantabulous.

Now, if you don't mind, it's 8:45 p.m. and I'm going to bed (because while I lasted a whole day at work, I'm positively knackered now).


Gingerbreadmama said…
So happy that you are cancer-free and feeling good. Now you can just enjoy each day!! Love you!

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