thanks for the happy thoughts

They worked!

Surgery went VERY well. I'm home, happy and resting. (In case you were wondering, a laproscopic hysterectomy is an outpatient procedure. Seriously.) My biggest concern going into this was them slicing me open. I'm not worried about the scar, because this body will never rock a bikini. No, I was more worried about the 6-8 week time in captivity recovery time. Since the doctors were able to do it laproscopically, I'm down to 2-3 weeks! Aww, yeah!

Nurse Mom's in the house, large and in charge. She's already had me walk up a flight of stairs today. By myself. I did it one step at a time, and slowly, but I did it. Now I'm so stinking tired I'm off to bed.

ps - The drugs rock.


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