our own easter egg hunt

To celebrate the weekend where Jesus rose from the dead and saw his shadow, thereby ensuring we get six more weeks of basketball, IT Geek and I are going on our own egg hunt.

After 3 weeks of meds, needles, and hormones, we are heading to Dr. Hope's office at 7:15 a.m. tomorrow morning so they can harvest my eggs!

In most cases, they expect to get 10-15 viable eggs from the IVF procedure. In my case, they said they're expecting 20-25. Wow.

Next steps include identifying the most mature eggs, fertilizing those eggs (we're doing ICSI just to be safe), and then freezing the most viable ones for future use with a surrogate mother.

Cluck cluck!


Gretchen said…
Hoping and praying!! (for that future surrogate too!!)
Happy Easter indeed!
iizLiz said…
Cadbury Creme egg for photo image... really? o.0


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