objects in front of you may be heavier than they appear

Some days I feel smart. On rare occasions, I feel slight flashes of brilliance. (Must be the Penn State grad schooling...we're trained to self-deprecate.)

Today was not one of those smart days.

Yes, it's a great milestone that I went back to work yesterday. My lesson? That tall, heavy wooden doors should be opened by someone who's not me. I tweaked a stomach muscle as a result of opening two of them today, and left a little early to come home and rest. To the tune of a 2.5 hour nap.

I need to remind myself that even though I'm up, walking around, and generally feeling great, I'm still only two weeks post-op. I know I'm not able to take Xander, our 80 lb. lab out to the bathroom yet (I can handle our 48 lb. boxer). I just have to be more aware of doing other things, like 150 lb. doors. That are made of wood. And obviously not meant for me to touch yet.

On a side note, one thing that's not heavier is me! When I got the cancer diagnosis at the beginning of February, I decided that it was time to tackle getting fit again. (I decided not to step on the scale until after my surgery.) It wasn't an all-out intensive diet or workout regimen, as I had too many things on my mind.

Instead, it was all about being more choiceful, which meant smaller portions and, at my acupuncturist's push, much more rich, healthy greens. So it was a salad at lunch chock full of spinach and veggies with chicken. Instead of dressing, I went with a good fat: guacamole.

One week after surgery, I stepped on the scale, and I'm down 15 pounds so far! At this point in the game, I'm having a broth-based soup (with chicken and veggies) for either lunch or dinner, and waiting for the clearance to begin working out.

Now if I can just remember to not do stupid stuff like, oh, lift or open heavy things.


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