math's never been my strong suit

Yesterday's IVF retrieval procedure went well! I'm crampy and achy today, but that's to be expected.

When we started this process, the doctors explained that while normal IVF patients can expect 10-15 viable eggs, my ovaries looked like they would produce about 20-25 based on the ultrasound.

So apparently I was a little confused in my drug-fueled haze yesterday. When Dr. Hope said we got 7 viable eggs from the left ovary, I thought she also said we got 6 from the right (hence, the baker's dozen).

Turns out, after all is said and done, we got 7 eggs total. (When we visit the casinos, I'm a craps player, so 7's been a great number for me on many an occastion.)

We should know in the next few days how many decided to become little embryos.

After all, we only need 1 to make a baby!

Next up: Nurse Mom comes into town for 2 weeks on Saturday, then hysterectomy next Monday (April 12).


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