half a dozen grade a eggs

Just heard from the folks at Dr. Hope's office, and it's awesome news:

We have half a dozen viable, wonderful, freezable Grade A eggs embryos! 5 were rated "good" and 1 "fair" (on a good - fair - poor scale).

According to the embryologist, they were hoping each embryo would have 6 cells around them...but, being overachievers like their mamma, each embryo had 8 cells!

So we're freezing all of them, and once the hysterectomy and cancer nonsense is over, IT Geek and I will begin talking about our surrogate options.


(In the meantime, if you're looking to eat out, click the Restaurant.com link to the right to get gift certificates for up to 80% off. I get a tiny kick back on each purchase, all of which is going toward bills for all this stuff!)


Gretchen said…
Amazing, wonderful, stupendous news!!!
Jackie said…
hey way to be fiscally creative :-)

congrats - that is so exciting! i'm glad things are positive on this front!
Gleeful Gary said…
Congrats on hatching some fantastic eggs!
Kara DeFrias said…
Thanks everyone! And Gary, Glee's back a week from tonight. I DARE you not to love Sue Sylvester! She's your long lost sister from another mother. :)
Gingerbreadmama said…
I am so very happy for you! And best wishes for Monday and a speedy recovery. Happy, healthy thoughts are being sent your way!
T. said…
Congrats on your good eggs!

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