and then there were 6

When we left yesterday, Dr. Hope said that two eggs were mature, three were on their way to maturity, and two were just okay. As I keep saying, we only need one to have a baby, but we felt optimistic.

All along, my right ovary had been hiding from the ultrasound waves. The left one screamed, "Here I am! Look at me! I'm fabulous!" but the right one was harder to see than a Hollywood starlet's husband at a monogamy celebration.

While I was under, they had to push very hard on my lower right abdomen in order to find and extract on that side. Apparently my breathing became staggered and I didn't react well, so they had to be happy with one egg. (Hence the reason my jaw hurts so much today...they had to prop me up so my airway wouldn't collapse.)

I thought it would be tomorrow before we heard any news about the eggs, but lo and behold we just got a call from our embryologist, and great news: of the seven eggs they got yesterday, six matured and all six fertilized!

We are beyond thrilled with that. As I said to IT Geek, "Looks like my eggs are as obstinate and stubborn as me."

I'm happy with this development, though we still have another hurdle to cross: the viability. For the next two days, they'll monitor the embryos to stage their viability as good, fair or poor. On Tuesday, they'll grade them and freeze the "good" ones.

This process is kind of like a steeplechase - it's not a race to the finish line, but a series of small victories along the way.

Here's to this one!


Gretchen said…
Go eggies go!!!! Following along with baited breath!!!!

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