take me on, take on me

Met with Dr. Nice Lady (DNL) on Friday for my DnC post-op. Like everyone else, she raved about the awesomeness of Dr. Man being my uterus harvester for my hysterectomy. He's the cat's meow all-around, apparently.

One of the reasons we're delaying the surgery until April 12 is so we could have time to explore harvesting my eggs. As BigHMO doesn't cover this type of procedure, DNL gave me the contact info for Local Research University (LRU) who may take me on. (Since I'm a "special case" due to my cancer and the procedure would be a last resort, I may qualify for a study or a pro-bono/reduced rate.)

I called LRU Friday as soon as I left DNL's office, and the receptionist kindly listened to my story. The first words out of her mouth: "You're going to be okay." :) She said she was going to talk to everyone in the office and see what they could do.

Cut to this morning, and I got a call from the LRU folks. Given we're six weeks out from surgery, IVR would be a tight turnaround time. It can be done, but then she told me the cost:

$14,000 a cycle.

Swing...and a miss.

While I was expecting it to be pricey, hearing it out loud caused me to begin crying right there in the middle of the conversation. I explained to her the framing my doctor gave me. She said she's going to reach out to the doctors and see if there are any other studies they know of (or if they'd want to take me on).

Right now, though, it's just a ticking clock for my eggs to the hysterectomy date.


T. said…
$14,000 a cycle!!! Would there be more than one cycle?

Um...I hope it works out but if not you can buy a baby on the black market or adopt.
Kara DeFrias said…
There could be more than one cycle.

There's a black market for babies? If worse comes to worse, I guess we could always adopt you. You seem potty trained, plus I know you're looking for a roommate.
T. said…
I am potty trained but I'm not looking for a roommate! Who told you that?

And yes there is a black market for babies but I shouldn't have even joked about it!
Kara DeFrias said…
Oh, sorry! I saw your angst-filled post about the Bittermans leaving and equated that to him being your roommate. It's hard keeping up with your life, even through your blog! There's always folks coming and going. ;)
Kara DeFrias said…
And the joke was fine...any jokes are fine here! (See the earlier one from my Mom about just going down to Haiti to get a kid off the beach.)

I need to laugh this damn cancer away!

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