spahhhhh day

Today was invigorating, positive, affirming, and mad kindz of special to me, as I spent the day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona. I wanted to spend a day before my surgery thinking about anything BUT my surgery, you know?

I'm happy to report I laughed my ass off, got pampered, and had so much fun hanging out with 10 of the most wonderful women I know.

I'm lucky to have each of them in my life, and know that with that kind of love around me, not only will my egg retrieval go well, but I'll also kick cancer's ass in 3 weeks!


Unknown said…
Since I've never been to Glen Ivy and only heard, I felt so honored to be included before your surgery. It was a fantabulous day!

Trish and I had fun cavorting to pools and dry saunas or deep pools etc since we made no appointments.

I bonded with y'all Americans!
Kara DeFrias said…
I'm so happy you came! We'll have to go back on a weekday after my surgery. :)

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