call me dr. feelgood

One of the best parts about the IVF process so far has been the inordinate amount of drugs I need to take. It started off innocently enough. Two pills here, one shot there.

As of this week, though, we're in the big boy leagues. Join me for a song, whydon'tcha?

You can just call me Dr. Feelgood

Casa DeFrias Sing-A-Long Blog
(sung to the tune of "I've been everywhere man") 

I'm on every drug, man, I'm on every drug. There's...

  • Lupron *
  • Menopur *
  • Follistim *
  • Novarel **
  • Doxycycline
  • Baby aspirin
  • Metformin (thanks PCOS)
  • Pre-natal vitamins
Bring it to the chorus one last time! I'm on every drug, man, I'm on every drug.

While many of those listed are oral meds, those three lovely ladies marked with a "*" are extra special: they are delivered via a needle. Oh the joy. To be fair, it's only subcutaneous via the abdomen.

The last "**" one, though, is superdillyspecial: it must be delivered into muscle with a reaaaaaaaaally long needle. I'm SO looking forward to that day!


Gingerbreadmama said…
Lots of meds but so worth it in the end! :)
MIchelle said…
we did the Follistim! First few days of self-injectibles are the toughest...YOU CAN DO IT!!! We took pics of the needles and stuff too :) I want to be able to show the boy exactly what we went know, when he rear-ends the car into our mailbox, or tries to sneak out...
Kara DeFrias said…
Thanks, ladies! It makes me a little tired, but I know it'll make great blackmail/guilt bait later in her life! :)

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