operation: kick cancer's ass

I've got uterine cancer.

There, said it. I don't tear up so much when I type it (though I still got a little choked up when I said it out loud at Toastmasters this morning).

Here's where we are:
  • Surgery's next Thursday, February 11. We're going to start with a DnC to scrape out as much of the bad cancer as possible.
  • After the surgery, we'll know where I fall in Stages 1-4.
  • If they get all the cancer, yay!
  • If not, we go back in in a few weeks to do a full hysterectomy.
I've begun telling friends slowly, and my team at work. What I'm telling everyone is: it's going to be okay. I've beat cancer once before, and I can do it again. If it makes you feel better to send me articles or tell me about your friends/family who've had cancer, that's okay, too.

Don't worry, there's nothing you can say to me that's wrong. In fact, be insensitive! Make me laugh! My primary goal is to make sure me talking about it doesn't make you uncomfortable. We'll get through this together.

If you've got some time on Thursday, feel free to send some positive vibes toward San Diego. :) For those who've already asked, yes - phone calls and visitors will be welcome. The doctor expects my recovery to last through the weekend, with back to making taxes easier by Monday.


mamacoreenie said…
I am here for you! I'm sending you an e-mail..off-blog...right now!
comment dit-on said…
We've got your back, Kara. xoxoxo to you and J.
Ian Lyons said…
Hey Kara,

What can I say... that sucks, that blows, you don't deserve this... which is all true. I'm sorry you have to be dragged through such an ordeal, again. One thing I know though, is that there is one person I know that that can kick anything's ass, can make anything go their way, who always ends up on top, on the winning side and that's YOU.

You are an incredible woman with one hell of a fighting spirit that loves a challenge, so here you go again. Go get 'em!

Your friend,

Debra said…
John and I spoke for an hour on Wednesday about all you had gone through. I'm bummed for you both! Don't stress about the D & C. I had one years ago and was only down for that day. I'm sorry that you are going through this. Stay positive!
MikeWorks.NET said…
Lordy! The things you do for attention. (Make hand gesture describing kara at the center and the world revolving around her). Poor cancer. To get ass-kicked by the best. Love ya, Grace! :-)
Jedihoneypot said…
I am sorry I am not there to loan out Yoda so he can lick your face and make you feel better! I had a D&C years ago as well and it was a piece of gum. I didn't even feel any pain after. Being that you kick ass I know you will be skipping around afterwards!

I am there with you and John in spirit my friend.....
Love you,

Jen said…
My mom beat uterine cancer two years ago this May. I will pray for the same for you. :)
Kara said…
Thanks for all the great thoughts, everyone. Means so much.
Anonymous said…
xoxo kara
cjcrash said…
Damn Kara, I'm sorry. I have totally been caught up in my own little world and saw that you had surgery on facebook and have been meaning to figure out what for. I hope they get all of it and well I think adopting is awesome. There are so many kids out there who need good parents so you could always do that. And think about this - if you have a hystorectomy you won't have to deal with those womanly problems that the rest of us have to deal with.
Kara said…
Thanks Caren and Sarah.
Karl Richter said…
Kick Cancer's ASS AGAIN!!

Lots of people are rooting for you and I hear a good attitude goes a long way

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