not so much a mac truck as a matchbox truck

Of course I had to crack a joke as they wheeled me into the OR:

Dr. Nice Lady: How's everything feel?
Me: Those lights look like my ovaries.
DNL: What? Huh?
Me: Those OR lights, they look like my ovaries.
DNL: Oh! PCOS. Yes, Kara, the lights look like the cysts on your ovaries. Hahaha.

Surgery went well.

I must say, I expected to feel like they'd backed up a Mac truck into my uterus and knocked it around. Instead, my post-op crampiness is more akin to a Matchbox truck.

I'm all set up on the couch, chilling with books I've meant to read. The fantastic part of it all is Rowan and Xander are PetSmart PetsHotel until tomorrow night so I can rest.

Dr. Nice Lady said we should have results within the week.


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