my mother-in-law ftw

Apparently, most people detest their mothers-in-law. You've heard the jokes, and some of you even have those horrid creatures in your life. Before I was married, I wondered what kind of lady I'd get.

Lucky for me, I hit the jackpot. :)

My mother-in-law kicks ass. Not only is she an amazing cook, the woman loves laughing to a good story or joke...whether she's telling them or hearing them.

The first time I met KAMIL (kick-ass-mother-in-law), she and Adorable Father-in-Law (AFIL) were visiting from the colonies. IT Geek and I were friends at the time, and he took me down to hang out with them at their hotel. They were chilling in their room by the bay, and there was immediately a feeling of ease, like I'd known them my whole life.

That's how it's been ever since. With both of them, you can always count on good food, good times, and lots of caring.

Cut to yesterday...when I got home IT Geek informed me there was a non-descript, white package waiting for me from a place called The Friends of Mel Foundation. I opened it up, and there was a purple box inside.


"What the hell?!" I said incredulously, "how do they know already?"

Tucked in the back of the box was a pocket, and in it was a gorgeous bracelet, covered in Swarofsky crystals and beads.

Then I recalled KAMIL saying, the first time we chatted after I'd been diagnosed, "Have you heard of Mel's bracelets?"

When I said, "No" she immediately changed the subject, and I forgot about it until I saw the bracelet.

THEN I felt like a total smacked ass, because I realized this beautiful bracelet was a gift, and what a wonderful story lay behind it.

It's been on my wrist ever since. It's purty! I heart her. :)


Debra Vien said…
Yes! I sent you a friend suggestion on Facebook for Friends of Mel. Get the word out about this wonderful organization (and, of course, about your wonderful in-laws!) My Mom is so thrilled that you love the bracelet.
Take care (we know you will!)
Love, Debra

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