luck of the irish

Good news: we caught it wicked early.

No bueno news: "it" is Stage 1 cancer of the uterus for sure (see "Good news").

Good news (more): Stage 1 is WAY better than stage 3 or 4! Sweet!

I guess the eternal optimist in me thought that perhaps we'd get back a diagnosis of, "The first reading was a false positive" or "Remember how we scraped you raw like a fat kid scrapes a pint of Ben & Jerry's? Well, we got it all!"

Alas, no such luck. But of all the bad news to get, the silver lining of this bad news is that it's Stage 1. Stages 3 or 4 would've sucked major ass, but Stage 1 I can deal with.

Tomorrow we meet with the doctor from the BigHMO Department of Whacked Out Cancerous OB-GYN Craziness (there's some more technical name for the department, but that's the gist of it from what I recall), and I'll post another update after that.


Jackie said…
just checking in and thinking of you - will look for your update later. lots of love!

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