things are moving along

* Warning: Kinda gross stuff ahead. *

Acupuncture is moving things right along. The period's still happening (even though it's been a month, it's been a month of pantyliners, so nothing too much). AcuBabyMaker's thrilled because stuff is moving, as am I.

Moving so much, though, that on Tuesday night I passed a mass. (Seriously insanely gross pic here of the mass.) I called After Hours Nursing Line, and based on what I told them they said I could wait to see Dr. Nice Lady first thing in the morning. So I placed the mass in pill jar filled with water, and waited.

Next morning we went to Dr. Nice Lady, and she said the mass didn't worry her. She did a biopsy just to be safe -- and that hurt like a BITCH. Apparently my cervix is tilted (thanks so much for adding that to my list of plumbing issues), so she had to twist and lock it into a convoluted angle just to get the biopsy.

We'll get the results next week. Fingers crossed.


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