acupuncture, basal body temp and flow

We've been tracking my basal body temperature (BBT) since early December, and it's interesting to observe these little data points of my body in action.

One of the concerns AcuBabyMaker* has is my generally-a-little-low BBT (in the 96.3-97.2 range on most days), so he's also be working on raising the warmth of the womb/and my body. On one of my last visits, he placed one of the needles on my pubic bone (oh, don't act righteous and grossed out, I've been talking about my insides for almost two years on this blog).

Normally, when he puts the needles in there's only a slight twinge. When he put it there, I jumped. Visibly. Turns out that's indicative of blood stagnation. It worked in getting the blood moving, though, because a couple weeks later, my BBT dropped noticeably one morning, and I started bleeding that day. (My BBT stayed the same temp during most of the cycle as well. I'm still learning how to read it all.)

Acupuncture worked in crossing the first bridge - inducing menstruation!

For the first time in years (3, maybe 4) I had an actual, honest-to-goodness period -- without the help of any medication.** So in late December/early January I had a full flow. There were a few tiny clots here and there, but overall it was bright, red and all mine, medicine-free.

We're so excited about this first small victory!

* There's AccuWeather for meteorologists, so I'm going with AccuBabyMaker for my acupuncturist.
** I'd had spotting and a couple days of menses here and there over the years since going off the pill. I'd also had a Provera-induced period. But to be clear, this one we're talking about in this post is all mine.


Mary Camp said…
Victories, no matter how small, should be celebrated! This is great news!
Gingerbreadmama said…
Awesome! I have heard really great things about accupunture and accupressure and fertility and I hope they continue to work for you! :)

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