reacting to friends' baby news

I have quite a few friends who either just had babies, are expecting babies, or just found out they are pregnant. Inevitably, a couple of them feel bad talking to me about any of it because they know we're trying to conceive. To them, I say:

It's okay.

I'm really, truly happy for you! I love babies, even if it's not my own, or one I'm related to, or one I just had or am about to have. :-) I do appreciate that you're taking my feelings into concern, and I also understand that it may be hard for others who are trying to conceive.

If you've read this (even with my lack of posting love), you'll know how I feel about we women keeping our pregnancy highs and lows to ourselves. In fact, I just found out a couple of days ago about 3 more friends who're having a hard time. Dude! Let's talk about it and help each other through this! If there are support groups for vampire welfare queens who are compulsive bowlers ("What Your Own" - Rent reference, it starts about the 2:20 mark), surely we can support each other!

Speaking of newly pregnant moms, I'm going to take this opportunity to plug a college friend's business. She's in the DIY business, and makes the most beautiful baby announcements (among other things). I highly recommend her, as she's wickedly talented at what she does.


Jackie said…
i always felt the same way, though had many friends who were awkwardly considerate of my feelings, which was sweet. as you say, not everyone does. you are amazing to be so open!

did i just indirectly compliment myself. yes, yes i did. :-)

hope all is well, in general!
Gingerbreadmama said…
Kara, oh honey! I get it, after going through all that myself (seems like everyone is pregnant when you are trying) and I just want to say that you rule for addressing it in this post. You are a dear friend and a kind person and everyone who knows you should feel lucky to have you in their life. Hang in there and good luck getting that HSG done, once you get through that you'll feel so much better. That test has been looming over you for far too long now. xoxo

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