the left hand doesn't know what the right hand's doing

We went a couple of months with light periods and minor spotting, but not much to go on.

In December, my grandmother passed away and we flew back East for her funeral. I came back, resolute to go through with the HSG test. Prior to taking the Provera, BigHMO made me take a chlamidia test to make sure I was in the clear (seriously, people, I gave up tricks after getting married...there's no clap).

I told SuperSpecialist my concern that I wouldn't be able to hit the 10-day window for the HSG test since my period lasted so long last time, but she said to ask for her when making the appointment and she'd do the test even if we missed the window. Toward the end of my cycle, I called the Infertility Center (name sucks!) to make the HSG appointment.

At the end of January I took the Provera, and my period was much shorter than the last time I took it. That makes sense, since last year when I took it there was, more or less, 2 years worth of build-up. When I called to make my HSG appointment, I was told it was too late. I asked for SuperSpecialist, and was told that they couldn't do the procedure because, at Day 14, the menses were starting to build up again and they wanted a clear path to the pipes.


I'm sitting here waiting for my March period to start...and I've got BigHMO on speed dial to schedule the HSG the moment it starts. (Well, calling them to schedule it for Day 10 from the moment it starts.)

ps - Kidding about the tricks part. I still do those every Tuesday night.


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