May 28, 2008

aunt flo and stupid coding

True to form, Aunt Flo caught her flight again this month - I'm so proud of her! Two months non-medically-induced in a row and running, baby!

This time I decided to call BigHMO and schedule the HSG test like a good girl. I started a new job recently, and BigHMO was an option for our medical coverage, so we chose it since we really like Dr. Nice Lady.

Here's the crapper: when I called, the scheduler informed me that since the HSG test was an infertility test (you know my thoughts on that word), we have a 50% co-pay, and "you have to provide a credit card for the co-payment up front."

WTF?! At my last company, when I went to schedule the HSG test there was no such co-payment nonsense. This time around, though, BigHMO are just greedy money cows. BigHMO scheduler happily informed me that the 90 second test was $338, so I'd "only" have to pay $169. Gee, thanks!

I have to imagine it's a coding issue, meaning that it's coded as an infertility treatment this time around. After throwing up a little in my throat thinking about all these bills we're going to have if I'm deemed "infertile" (I'm not infertile, dammit! I just have some cysts on my ovaries and need a few things cleaned up!) and have to go that route, I decided to be resolute: I contacted Dr. Nice Lady to see if she could code the test as a medical necessity and not something related to baby-making.

Keep your fingers crossed!

May 6, 2008

in case you were wondering...

...about our state of mind as we approach the possibility of Baby DeFrias, rest assured we aren't taking ourselves too seriously. Here's another funny: