March 26, 2008

no hsg for you!

My HSG test didn't happen yesterday.

Apparently you cannot have an HSG test performed if you still have a full menstrual cycle going (they'll only run it if you're spotting or not menstruating at all). The doctor said we have to wait until I get my period next month before we schedule the HSG test (the test has to be run 7-10 days after the beginning of the period).

We're keeping our appointment with Dr. Nice Lady for next Tuesday just to talk about everything. In the meantime, I'm researching the free and low-cost weight, nutrition and health classes that BigHMO offers to its members so IT Geek and I can sign up for them.

March 24, 2008

takin' it to the street (aka women need to talk about this sh!t more)

Over the past few months, I discovered about more of my friends - and their friends - who have not been able to conceive easily. The weird part is, I never knew about this until I shared with them my issues with PCOS.

Why don't we, as women, talk about these things more? Is it because of shame? A stigma that we aren't supposed to talk about this? Maybe, for some, they think that it's no one else's business except theirs and their husband's, and I respect that. But for everyone else who's just staying quiet...

Well EFF that! You know how much better I've felt talking about it to these women and finding out there are others going through the same thing? It's liberating to hear I'm not some freak of nature. To be honest, it's been very therapeutic getting my thoughts and feelings out on paper (even if it is cyberpaper) via this blog. It helps keep me sane and focused.

Having said all that, I decided over the weekend (and after talking to some of my girlfriends who also had issues conceiving), that I'm switching this blog from private to public. And if sharing my blog might give another woman a chance to read about someone going through these problems, isn't it better for me to share?

Going forward, I'm still going to try to find some of the humor in it all as well. I mean, come on, it wouldn't be me without some acerbic commentary on it all.



Update (03.24.2011): In the 3 years since I originally wrote this post, I'm happy to report I no longer have PCOS! Of course, it's because I no longer have ovaries, or a uterus, or any of things medically necessary have a baby myself -- that's because in February of 2010 uterine cancer stole that from me. We were lucky in that we were able to do IVF prior to my hysterectomy, and we now have 6 kidscicles on ice.

I still firmly believe the above words, though. As I was faced with my loss of fertility in the face of cancer, even more friends, family, and acquaintances came out of the woodwork to share their struggles. (Even Dads - who equally goes through these pains yet are forgotten in the focus on the woman - shared with me that thanks to this site they feel they can now talk about things.)

So keep talking about this stuff. It's too important not to. Think you're alone? You're not. Trust me, you're not the only drama queen in town. There's PLENTY of us to go around.

March 18, 2008

what aisle are the tampax in?

It's been two years since I've had a period, but the Provera worked and I found myself wandering the store trying to find pads. Apparently there's a reason for the saying "bleeding like a stuck pig" -- Provera's a wonderful drug. :-)

Now that that's moving along, I went ahead and scheduled the HSG test for Tuesday, March 25th. The nurse called and walked me through what to expect. Apparently there's only about 60 seconds of pain, but I assured her four ways to Sunday I have no pain threshold, and what could she do to hook a sister up. "No, really, I swear, I'm a big, huge sissy when it comes to pain."

She started cackling and said to take some ibuprofen to prep for the 60 seconds. Great. Should be good practice for childbirth, right?


March 9, 2008

a surprising cruise and new medicine

We got back from our cruise yesterday (debarkation was wicked easy in San Diego, though there was a surprise during the trip), and I was absolutely thrilled to see I actually lost three pounds on the cruise. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.

I did it because I was determined. I politely said "no" to the bread they offered at dinner each night, and stayed away from any pasta or potatoes on the cruise. My lone indulgence was a small fat-free frozen yogurt cone each day (and I didn't eat the cone) -- mentally, I told myself I was substituting the yogurt for my usual glass of milk I'd have. This was my third cruise, and the first where I returned home weighing less than when I left!

So I started the Provera (I read the label on the bottle...Medroxyprogesterone is the generic substitute for it) today to get my period going. We'll see how that goes. Thanks to everyone for your kind notes off-line about my blog. And to those of you who said you wanted to post but couldn't, I think I've fixed that problem, so feel free to post away!

March 2, 2008

not your mamma's peanuts...

Just thought the blog needed a little funny in the midst of the mundane medicalness of it all:

Hee hee...I'll try to post humorous little bon mots such as this every once in a while (like Gary Larson's Far Side ditties) to keep things from getting too heavy.