home pregnancy kit says "no"

The title's a nod to our favorite sketch show from across the pond, "Little Britain." In the skit, bank teller Carol always listens to people's requests, only to always deny them by saying, "Computah sez no." (See below.)

Since it's been about seven weeks since my last period, I talked to IT Geek today and we decided I should call Dr. Nice Lady and see what we should do. I didn't call her in June when it didn't happen because I figured it might just be running a little late.

When July started (and my period didn't), I thought maybe it needed a little more time. Apparently, not so much. I told IT Geek and husband extraordinaire that we might as well stop at Local Big Box Pharmacy and pick up a pregnancy test, since the first thing Dr. Nice Lady will ask me is, "Do you think you're pregnant?"

If I'm not, then she'd most likely give me Provera again to get my period going, so I might as well have an answer for her, right?

Long story short, I spent 20 minutes reading and re-reading the instructions (making sure to note the irony in the statement "Those with ovary cysts may have incorrect results), had IT Geek come in the bathroom with me, peed in a cup, stuck the stick in for 20 seconds, waited 2 minutes...and found out we are very much not pregnant right now.

Oh well, one small setback. I'll call Dr. Nice Lady tomorrow and see what's next. In the meantime, drop everything you are doing right now, watch the "Little Britain" bit below, laugh your ass off, then put the entire series on your Netflix list (or just YouTube "Little Britain" and fall in love with it yourself).


Gingerbreadmama said…
I'm sorry it was a no. I am sending happy, fertile vibes your way!
Gingerbreadmama said…
Hey lady. It's been a month...any news? What did Dr. Nice Lady say?

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