gonna do the test

I heard back from Dr. Nice Lady's assistant, and she said while I can proceed without the HSG test, they really would prefer I take it. It's an expensive test, but I guess when put in the context of much more expensive IVF tests/treatments (that I've heard can go into the tens of thousands of dollars), $169 isn't so bad.

I realized I have $250 on my FSA plan at work to spend before August, so I'll schedule the test (7-10 days after I get my next period) and use that money to pay for it. Perhaps my future includes being an activist for women who need help having a baby -- and getting these treatments covered under regular healthcare so they aren't so expensive!


Jackie said…
i think this is a good decision. as you said, it's not as expensive as other tests and it's good to know what you're up against as far as the plumbing goes ;-)

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