coding update

I was sort of called out on the table by a reader for not blogging my updates, so I'm back!

I heard back from Dr. Nice Lady's office regarding the coding for the HSG test. Here's a portion of the email I sent to her:

"The Kaiser scheduler said that all infertility-related tests are 50% co-pay. Can you change the referral for the HSG test to a test for my health, as opposed to being baby-related? After all, regardless of whether we have children, wouldn't this test be performed to rule out health complications due to my PCOS?"

And her assistant, who truly is one of the kindest women I've met, told me the HSG test is specifically for infertility. Which means BigHMO won't bend. Crap. I do have to give BigHMO props because they have a very efficient, semi-user friendly site where you can find a lot of information and easily email your doctor (and they have to get back to you within 2 days!). So again, props where props are due.

So now I have to decide whether I'm going to do the test or not. It's not an imperative test, but one Dr. Nice Lady would be good to see if my fallopian tubes are blocked. Since I've gotten my period twice on my own, I almost want to see what happens (meaning, since my period's coming on its own, can I just see if I get pregnant on my own?).

The more I think about it, though, I realize that I shouldn't sit here and wonder on my own. Two years ago, when I was originally diagnosed with PCOS, I never went back for the follow-up tests because I was scared. Scared that I didn't know what was going on, scared that I didn't know anyone to ask for help, scared of the unexpected. I waited two years to go back to the doctor, and I know I shouldn't do that again.

To that point, I just took a break from blogging and typed a reply to Dr. Nice Lady's assistant and asked if I have to take the HSG test or if we can move forward without it. I'll let you know what she says. (And I won't wait so long to bring you the update -- promise!)


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