what aisle are the tampax in?

It's been two years since I've had a period, but the Provera worked and I found myself wandering the store trying to find pads. Apparently there's a reason for the saying "bleeding like a stuck pig" -- Provera's a wonderful drug. :-)

Now that that's moving along, I went ahead and scheduled the HSG test for Tuesday, March 25th. The nurse called and walked me through what to expect. Apparently there's only about 60 seconds of pain, but I assured her four ways to Sunday I have no pain threshold, and what could she do to hook a sister up. "No, really, I swear, I'm a big, huge sissy when it comes to pain."

She started cackling and said to take some ibuprofen to prep for the 60 seconds. Great. Should be good practice for childbirth, right?



Jackie said…
k, it's really not painful so much as uncomfortable. the tylenol or aleve or whatever should help prior. i took that and had just some mild cramping afterward. i'm sure you'll make it!

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