a confirmation, a blessing & a pet peeve

The results came in, and there was confirmation and an unexpectedly nice blessing:
  • The blood tests confirmed what the Abington specialist said: I have PCOS (though the vaginal ultrasound I had a year and a half ago painted a pretty sure picture of that).
  • The PAP smear he ran came back a-okay (I hadn't had one in two years, so since I was there he ran it). Can I just say: it's so wonderful that gone are the days of the metal speculum! While it's not nearly a pleasurable experience now, the plastic speculum is much better. Doesn't the picture of it look like a pelican's beak?
  • Turns out I don't have diabetes. I didn't think I did, but there can be a concern with the extra weight I have, so unbeknownst to me Dr. Jerry Garcia ran a test for it. It came back negative, so that's a small, "Yay!"
The next step is to meet with the Infertility Clinic folks. BigHMO want you to take a class prior to meeting with a doctor, but it's only on Thursday's at 3 p.m. (inconvenient, much?). After going on and on about how I value the class and am sure there's a lot of good information in it, I talked them into just sending me the class materials and promised we'd read them prior to meeting with our fertility doctor (I threw in that I work in education/training and have a masters in it and they let me slide).

Finally, the pet peeve. I gotta admit, it's a little annoying that they're called "infertility doctors" -- what a negative bummer! Like people already don't know they can't make a baby! Why not flip it onto the positive and call them "fertility doctors" since they are trying to help you be fertile and baby-ful?



Mary Camp said…
That is a freakin scary looking device-even if it's not metal anymore. :-)
Kara DeFrias said…
Isn't it, though?!

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