blood tests

One thing I left out about yesterday: ABC Reproductive Medicine was supposed to send BigHMO my records so that by time I got to my appointment the new doctor would be up to speed. They didn't. In fact, instead of faxing them to BigHMO, when we got home last night I found the records in our mailbox! I's okay to entrust highly confidential, social security number containing, personal things like that to the U.S. Postal Service? Oooooh-kay.

Moving along, I guess I didn't quite understand Dr. Jerry Garcia yesterday; he told me I would be getting blood work and my glucose test today. Since two of my friends have PCOS, I've heard all about the glucose test - you go in, have blood drawn, drink gobs of "cola" or "orange drink" (either way, it's a super-sugary drink), wait an hour (or three, depending on the test), and they take more blood to check your body's glucose tolerance. I found some good information on the test via my best friend Google.

When I got the lab, however, it turns out I was only there to get blood drawn. He ordered a fasting blood glucose test, not an actual run of the glucose test itself. I could have sworn Dr. Jerry Garcia said I was going to do the 1-hour glucose test, but the receptionist said no, just the blood tests. The nurse was nice, and funny, and four vials of blood later, I was done! Now it's a three-day wait to get the results. On an impressive note, BigHMO now provides results online. Pretty cool.


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